Monday, January 14, 2013

The Altar Server

This superbly beautiful video featuring a senior Altar Server at St. Theresa's in Sugarland, Texas is a must see. While done for the Ordinary Form this of course applies to the Extraordinary as well. From "head to toe" this young man explains what is really important, "grave and serious" is his disposition and his message should be distributed and listened to and pondered by all who Serve at the Altar. He speaks of how the externals must "impact the heart" and this is critical to our lives as Christians. If the impact of the heart is not taking place at the Altar and outside of it, if we are not being formed and reformed by our work in the Mass, why do we do it and what are we doing it for? If we continue on in our own ways are we committing an injustice to God?


  1. I believe, as I read this, that there were a number of devotional writings for altar boys; the need for striving for holiness, piety ... the understanding that their lives had to reflect the great gift of serving before the altar.

    I believe that far too many boys do not truly understand the Mass. technically, they may be able to define it; but, they fail (as of course we all do to some degree) to live the Mass.

  2. Prayer to St. John Berchmans for Altar Boys

    Dear St. John, you died at a very young age, but in that short time
    you learned to live an exemplary life as a member of the Society of Jesus.
    Directed by your Guardian Angel, whom you confidently invoked,
    you learned to be a most humble server at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
    Help altar boys imitate you in their service at Eucharistic celebrations
    as well as in their conduct with others. Amen.